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We are saddened to share that Adobe co-founder Dr. John Warnock has passed away at 82. His brilliance shaped Adobe and the wider industry. Working closely with Dr. Chuck Geschke, who passed away in April 2021, Warnock sparked the desktop publishing revolution with Adobe PostScript. Other Adobe innovations such as PDF, Acrobat, Illustrator, and Photoshop are also part of his legacy. John’s contributions to the development of the first digital fonts enabled the output of scalable type. Widely acknowledged as one of our generation's greatest inventors and recognized with awards, including the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, his impact on the world is profound. As a visionary, John's wisdom enriched us all. Though he's left us, his spirit and impact endure. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family. Let's honor him by pushing the boundaries, just as he did.   Adobe
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Adobe PDF Print Engine 6 launched
With millions of A3 devices shipped yearly powered by Adobe Embedded Print Engine (AEPE), AEPE continues to solidify and expand its position in the office/enterprise printing segment. This quarter, Ricoh took another stride forward by launching the AEPE-powered IM 460F, a new A3 device. This compact unit caters to customers primarily using A4 but occasionally needing A3 printing. AEPE’s strengths, however, extends beyond A3, gaining recognition as the best in class rendering technology in the A4 segment. Meanwhile, Canon unveiled successor devices for its imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C259/C359 series, efficient 35 ppm compact A4 color devices. AEPE is pivotal in enhancing performance and quality for both Ricoh and Canon devices.
View Ricoh announcement (in Japanese) View Canon announcement (in English)
Adobe PDF Print Engine 6 launched
On July 28, version 6.2 of Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) was released for distribution to OEM and RIP vendor partners. It includes several fixes, 5 new features, and 2 platform upgrades. The distributed RIP framework has migrated to the Intel MPI (Message Passing Interface), which breaks through the ceiling of 64 simultaneous instances in prior versions, enabling unlimited scalability for high-volume VDP workflows running on the Mercury RIP Architecture e Partner systems built on MacOS may now directly implement external Color Management Modules (CMMs), and APPE is installed with a Mac Universal binary, which runs natively on Apple Silicon M1 chips. The new features include an enhancement to the bicubic image upsampling algorithm, first introduced in APPE 6.1, enabling sophisticated scaling of color-indexed images and much faster processing. If your company plans to release a product based on APPE 6.3, please complete the self-certification using the standard form.
For more information, get in touch with your Adobe representative
Adobe PDF Print Engine 6 launched
We continue our blog series, exploring various office and commercial printing topics. You will find industry trends, market updates, and insights on various print topics. We aim to provide valuable information and perspective on the latest developments in the print industry and the Adobe Print team. We are confident that you will find this series engaging and informative.
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Benefits of driverless printing Delve into the transformation of office printing through driverless printing. Print via the cloud from various devices, eliminating the need for specific drivers and enhancing flexibility. Explore the benefits (and challenges), gaining insights into its workspace revolution potential. Check the full article for a deeper understanding.
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Cloud printing and the changing workspace Discover the game-changing power of cloud printing, reshaping office print. Print seamlessly from anywhere, benefiting both end users and IT admins. Bid farewell to driver woes, boost efficiency, and learn how AEPE enables consistency and quality across devices
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Adobe PDF Print Engine 6 launched
Keypoint Production & Packaging Conference Adobe sponsored and presented at the Keypoint Production & Packaging Conference (July 14, 2023). This virtual event showcased presentations from several industry analysts and experts on market trends and digital solutions for packaging. The Adobe Print Team presented an overview of the entire workflow from package design to printing. We explained the optimal design and prepress workflow for digital printing, discussed the differences from conventional printing, and introduced Adobe's design tools and print-related solutions, such as APPE.

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Adobe PDF Print Engine 6 launched The future-proof technology for printers of tomorrow
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Adobe PDF Print Engine 6 launched The rendering platform for the Adobe PDF print experience
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