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Adobe Experience Makers Webinar:

Understanding the Streaming Subscriber Journey

Duration: 1 hour

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The advent of streaming services revolutionized the entertainment landscape, offering viewers a convenient and personalized way to access a vast array of content. However, one challenge that has emerged for streaming platforms is subscriber churn — the rate at which subscribers cancel their subscriptions.

To date, the view of the subscriber journey has been rather binary — you are either a subscriber or not. This has led to marketing practices that are not efficient or effective as media is being used to target subscribers who are serial churners or plan switchers.

In truth, a new view of the complex subscriber journey is required. There are multiple aspects to a subscriber journey that may involve re-subscribing, moving from subscription tier to adtier, and switching to another service.

In this webinar, Adobe and Antenna share our co-developed Streaming Subscriber Journey POV findings and have the opportunity for peer-to-peer media and entertainment industry dialogue.

Watch this session to:

  • Understand deeper context and insight into the various audience segments of the streaming video landscape and the role media companies play in influencing these subscribers
  • Learn how media companies can effectively develop a more nuanced view of the customer subscriber streaming journey
  • Explore the latest trends in how video streamers are adopting more sophisticated tactics to combat churn and rekindle growth in the ever-evolving streaming world

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Brendan Brady

Media & Entertainment Lead

Brendan Brady serves as Media & Entertainment Lead for Antenna, the leading data and analytics provider for subscription businesses. In this role, Brendan works directly with Antenna’s media and entertainment clients, including the streaming services themselves and the ecosystem surrounding them. One of Antenna’s earliest hires, Brendan joined the company from Endeavor where he entered the WME mailroom program after earning his B.S. in Film & Television from Boston University.

Sam Garfield

Director, Industry Strategy, Media and Entertainment

Sam Garfield currently serves as the Director, Industry Strategy for Media and Entertainment at Adobe where he provides thought leadership and works with Media companies on digital transformation efforts. In his previous role, he was the strategic lead responsible for setting the vision, strategy and focus of AARP Service’s data infrastructure and analytics offering. Prior to that, Sam spent sixteen years at Discovery Inc focusing on financial systems, process improvement and data analytics. Sam was the Vice President, Data Strategy and Advanced Audience Platforms, providing leadership on the data strategy and roadmap for Engage, Discovery’s advanced TV product. He has received a Bachelors and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.