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Adobe Experience Makers Webinar:

Hanesbrands: Putting Data into Action for Exceptional Commerce Experiences

Duration: 45 minutes
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How well do you know your consumers? Can you put that understanding into action to deliver personalized commerce experiences that convert? Hanesbrands has been laser-focused on solving these challenges across multiple brands, marketing and ecommerce channels, and touchpoints spanning the customer lifecycle.

In this webinar, Emmylou Jordan, Sr. Manager of Global Business Insights & Data Analytics, alongside Adobe Product Marketing, will pull back the curtain on Hanesbrands’ unique approach to setting and executing against a robust, data-driven personalization strategy. Delve into three best-practices, including:

  • Developing a deep understanding of the customer
  • Applying a framework to transform the customer experience
  • Structuring your team and approach for success

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Hanesbrands data and personalization prowess.

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Emmylou Jordan

Sr. Mgr Global Business Insights and Data Analytics
HanesBrands Inc.

Emmylou Jordan, Senior Manager of Global Business Insights and Data Analytics at Hanesbrands Inc., is a driving force in consumer data analytics. In her current role, she led the successful implementation of a Consumer Data Platform (CDP), the globalization of insight-to-action analytics, and the recent implementation of web behavior tracking for Adobe's Edge Delivery Service. Emmylou excels in predictive analytics, statistics, multivariate modeling, and making complex data engaging for all. Beyond the office, Emmylou finds joy in dance, canine companionship, crocheting, and reading. Her unique blend of analytical acumen and a love for the arts defines her professional success and personal fulfillment.

Rohan Bhatt

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Rohan Bhatt is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adobe, specializing in personalized ecommerce experiences. Rohan spent over 5 years in technology and payments consulting, advising some of the world’s largest technology companies on product and go-to-market strategies. Rohan has an MBA and MS in Design Innovation from Kellogg at Northwestern University.