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Fueling the successes of tomorrow: Data quality & adoption

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LIVE WEBINAR DATE: Thursday, August 25, 2022


Companies have identified data as a key enabler for future business success. To deliver on this, a high-level of data quality and an adoption of a mature data stack are needed. Join Adobe Analytics Champions Frederik Werner and Sarah Owen during this live webinar to learn how you can build data quality into every aspect of analytics and create a shared culture around it.

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Sarah Owen

Senior Analytics Engineer
Search Discovery

Sarah has been enjoying Adobe Analytics since it was called Omniture. She’s had the pleasure of participating in the Launch Beta, creating datalayers, writing Launch extensions, digging into numerous tracking questions, and countless other fun analytics activities! Her latest crowning moments are being named an Adobe Analytics Champion and co-leading the NOAM Central Adobe Analytics User Group.

Frederik Werner

Practice Lead Analytics

Frederik Werner is working as Practice Lead Analytics for DHL in Germany, with previous engagements with the media and telecommunications industries. He is known best for his award-nominated blog https://www.fullstackanalyst.io where he regularly shares best practices from his more than 10 years of experience in digital analytics, especially with Adobe Analytics and other Adobe Experience Cloud products.